Tips For Planning A Skate Date

Tips For Planning A Skate Date

In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, we’re showing the romantic side of skateboarding. If you’re looking for fun date ideas, skateboarding or longboarding can provide the excitement you’re looking for if you are both down for adventure.

Whether it’s a first date, double date or a self care day for those who are flying solo, choosing the right gear and setting are key for a memorable time. Here are our tips for planning any skate date. 

What Board(s) To Bring

If you each have your own boards, make it BYOB (bring your own board). If one of you are new to skateboarding and without a board, having the other bring an extra can be good. But even if you only have one board between the two of you, that’s enough to have some fun trading off while teaching and doing tricks, or even attempting to ride tandem.

For those newer to board riding, a longboard can be the best choice for a mellow introduction to cruising around. If you plan to choose a spot and stay close by, more traditional skateboards can be fun for a game of SKATE.

If you want to travel a longer distance, a pair of electric skateboards are the perfect choice for taking a scenic, romantic ride and exploring effortlessly.

Other Things To Bring

All you really need are your boards to have a good time, but here are some other essentials you can fit in a backpack while riding:

  • Helmets and other safety gear (because nothing kills the vibe like a trip to the hospital)
  • Snacks and a picnic blanket to skate to the perfect picnic spot
  • A portable speaker and the perfect playlist
  • A camera to capture the memories in the making
  • Extra electric skateboard batteries if you’re taking a longer distance ride



Where To Skate

Long walks on the beach are a cliché for a reason. Going anywhere in nature or with a view is a classic choice for any date. But when you add skateboarding into the mix, you can make it unique and even more fun. 

Head to a path or park near you with the best view of your city, coastline, hills or whatever your local landscape looks like. Bonus points if you go around sunset or golden hour for extra ambiance. 

Or go out without a specific destination in mind and enjoy the journey, taking any interesting stops along the way.

Electric skateboarding can also expand the distance you’re able to explore or the terrain you’re able to skate through like grass or a dirt path.

No matter where you go, remember to keep safety in mind. (See bullet one in the last section.)

Don’t Overthink It

This is pretty standard dating advice, but it applies to skateboarding too. Have fun, laugh off any falls and get out of your comfort zone. No matter where you go or what boards you’re riding, going for a skateboarding date is bound to bring two people closer together, whether it's your first date or 15th anniversary. 

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