This Madrid Electric Longboard Will Never Desert You

This Madrid Electric Longboard Will Never Desert You
February's Board of the Month is a cactus-themed cruiser that will cure any skating dry spell. No matter where you're going, the Madrid Dude electric longboard will take you there.

Madrid Dude Cacti Electric Longboard

electric madrid dude skateboard cacti deck  

Like the mighty cacti featured on the graphic, this board thrives in a wide range of environments. Whether on an open road, down a dirt path or as your daily driver to work, school or the beach, this electric cruiser from Madrid will be your new go-to.

The Madrid Skateboards name stands for quality and craftsmanship from Huntington Beach, CA since the late 70s. They've perfected their shapes over the years and this board is no exception.

madrid electric skateboard dude caci top grip tape 

Topping it all off on the other side is the Madrid name again on Flypaper griptape for a simple look, though this board is anything but basic. 


  • Top Speed: Up to 28mph with standard Revel 90mm wheels.
  • Battery Options:
    • Standard Range, up to10 mi / 16 Km
    • Extended Range, up to 15 mi / 24 Km
  • Charge Time: 120-180 minutes
  • IP Rating: Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
  • Deck Dimensions: 37.25″ Length x 9.5" Width
  • Wheelbase: 25"
  • Shape: Diamond Kicktail, Camber and Mellow Concave with Wheel Wells
  • Construction: Bamboo

What Makes This Setup Unique?

This is a longboard that was made for carving. Slight camber provides responsiveness and a diamond-shaped kicktail increases maneuverability, all while sanded wheel wells allow for deep turning without fear of wheel bite.

electric skateboard with madrid dude 

The compact longboard design means you won't have to worry about extra bulkiness under your feet or when you're stashing your board in your car, at work, or by your side while on the go.

However, it also has enough length and stability to have you handling hills and higher speeds with plenty of stability.

electric madrid skateboard riding


Take it for a skate break or on a skate date in honor of Valentine's day this month. It's sure to have you feeling sharp.

Ready to get your setup on point?


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