About Us

About Us

Founded in 2017 by Jason Liu and Flo Stroe, Revel Boards was born out of the desire to create the most customizable electric skateboards.

After settling for unoriginal products with a lack of personalization, we decided that all riders should be given the proper platform to inspire creativity and forge a truly unique electric skateboarding experience.

With almost a year of designing, tinkering, and testing, the Revel Kit was introduced and launched for pre-order in June of 2019, and we’ve been growing ever since! With aims to provide the best and most personalized e-skate experience, we stop at nothing to keep our growing family of riders happy.

Our Purpose

Revel Boards is a technology company committed to a sustainable future by driving innovation in urban transportation solutions.

Our mission is to build fun and enjoyable last mile electric vehicles and provide a viable option to decongesting roads and reducing pollution.


“Real luxury is customization.”
– Lapo Elkann