Customization is King: Why Personalization Matters

Customization is King: Why Personalization Matters

The electric skateboard market has exploded as technology has progressed and has become more accessible in recent years. With so many options out there, what makes Revel so special? 

Our commitment to customization.

Our Story:

After settling for unoriginal products with a lack of personalization, we decided that all riders should be given the proper platform to inspire creativity and forge a truly unique electric skateboarding experience.

Revel Kit: Bolt On Electric Skateboard

After years of designing, tinkering, and testing, the Revel Kit was introduced! We pride ourselves on having the most customizable and versatile electric skateboard kit on the market. 

Your Vision:

Let's face it. You like to stand out. Your clothes, hairstyle, and home decor are all personalized to you. Why not treat your e-skate experience the same way? 

Make your vision a reality with the only electric skateboard that gives you the power to switch decks, wheels, bearings, bushings, and more for a setup that's unique to you.

Don't like it? No problem. The Revel Kit has endless possibilities so you never have to settle for the same old board every time you ride.

Get Inspired:

When you join the club, you'll instantly be welcomed into a community that consistently inspires other Revel Riders with their setups. Below are some pictures to help you see what's possible.

Custom Revel Kits

Personalized Revel Kits

Custom Revel 4WD

Revel Kit Bolt On Electric Skateboard

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