Carver Resin 31" Electric Cruiser - Revel Boards
Carver Resin 31" Electric Cruiser - Revel Boards
Carver Resin 31" Electric Cruiser - Revel Boards

Carver Resin 31" Electric Cruiser

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The long-running favorite surfskate has stayed the same for years. The Carver Resin is plenty wide and just the right length so you can snap with ease. Made in USA!
  • Length: 31"
  • Width: 9 3/4”
  • Wheelbase: 17"

The Revel Kit is a direct drive electric skateboard kit/electric longboard kit, designed from the ground up using premium parts and materials for unparalleled versatility and massive performance.

The bolt-on electric skateboard works with a variety of standard longboard wheels, and it can evolve almost any deck with just 4 screws like a standard skateboard truck. The Revel Kit comes with ABEC adapters that are compatible with the latest version of Cloudwheels.

The kit is available with two battery options:

  • Extended Range battery (216wh/6000mAh), recommended
  • Standard Range battery (144wh/4000mAh), made for airline travel

The Revel Bluetooth electric skateboard remote features an intuitive slider to control speed and a display to change your settings and view riding data. The remote can also be paired to two kits on the same board simultaneously for a 4WD riding experience.

Top Speed Up to 28 Mph / 45 Kmh
Standard Range Battery Up to 10 Miles / 16 Km
144WH / 4000mAh
Extended Range Battery Up to 15 Miles / 24 Km
216WH / 6000mAh
Max Grade: 20%
Charge Time Standard Charger: 120-180 Minutes
Fast Charger: 90-120 Minutes
Drive Weight 11 Lbs / 5 Kg
Standard Wheels 90mm
Truck Width 11" / 280 mm
Throttle Control Linear
Max Rider Capacity Tested to 264 Lbs / 120 Kg
Motors 1100W Dual Brushless Motors
IP Rating Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
Braking Regenerative Braking
Remote Connection Bluetooth Low-Energy
Operating Temp 32 to 104 °F / 0 to 40 °C
Custom built electric skateboards are only available in continental US at this time.

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Our kit attaches with just 4 screws like a regular skateboard truck, making it easy to DIY an electric setup with your own board.

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