Get To Know Your Revel Kit

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    The Remote

    Remote Glossary

    Remote Glossary

    Screen Glossary

    Remote Screen Glossary

    Accelerating & Braking

    Throttle Control

    Speed Modes & Cruise Control

    Cruise Control and Speed Modes

    Main Menu

    To enter the main menu, turn on your remote and pull the throttle down in the braking position. Hold the throttle down, and press the ON/OFF button 5 consecutive times in a rapid succession.

    Navigate the menu options using the Speed Mode (left) and Direction Switch (right) buttons. Press the ON/OFF button to register a selection.

    Main Menu

     Main Menu Options

    Main Menu Options

    Remote Mode: 

    Select 2WD for one Revel Kit or 4WD if installing two Revel Kits on the same deck.

    Braking Power:

    Set braking power depending on your weight and your riding preference. In a 2WD setup, you can set the power to 80%, 90%, or 100%. In a 4WD setup, the braking power can be set to 50%, 75%, or 100%.

    Wheel Diameter:

    The Revel Kit is compatible with wheels ranging in diameter from 85mm to 110mm, and comes equipped with 90mm wheels. Accurate wheel size selection is extremely important for speed and distance calculations!

    Note: While the Revel Remote only ranges between 85mm and 110mm, you are able to use smaller and larger wheels! We are in the process of updating our software to accommodate a wider size range.


    Turn Bluetooth on or off, for mobile app connectivity! (coming soon).

    Remote Pairing Mode

    Step 1: Press and hold ON/OFF button for 5 seconds.

    Step 2: Using the middle and right-most buttons, set Remote Mode to 2WD for one Revel Kit or 4WD for two Revel Kits mounted on the same deck. Confirm selection using On/OFF button.

    Step 3: Press and hold ON/OFF button on Revel Kit. Remote will alert you when pairing is complete. If pairing a second Revel Kit for a 4WD setup, press and hold ON/OFF button on the second unit. Remote will alert you when the pairing is complete.

    Step 4: Select unit system preference. Confirm each option using the On/OFF button.

    remote on/off button

    Charging the Remote

    Remote ChargingStep 1:  Connect charging cable to a USB charging port on your PC/MAC, laptop, or Revel Kit battery USB port.

    Step 2:  Insert charging cable into remote charging port, located at the top of the remote.

    Note:  Your remote should be lasting around two Revel batteries before dying!


    The Kit

    Kit Glossary

    Kit Glossary

    Board Assembly

    The kit and the front truck install on the deck with 4 bolts each, like regular skateboard trucks!


    Charging the Kit Battery

    The Revel Kit battery can be charged in two ways

    1. If the battery is installed on the Kit.Highlighted Charging Port

    Connect charging adapter to the Revel Kit charging port. 


    2. If the battery is removed from the Kit.

    Connect the charging adapter to the charging dock. Plug the DC connector into the charging dock. Connect charging adapter to DC wall outlet. Place battery in charging dock and make sure it is fully pressed against the metal connectors.

    Charging Accessories

    Pre-Ride Inspection

    • Make sure trucks pivot correctly and kingpin nuts are tightened.
    • Check for wear on wheels, bearings, and bushings.
    • Check all nuts and bolts and ensure they are tightened. Loose bolts can quick lead to accelerated wear and damage to vital components.
    • Turn on the remote and kit and make sure both are in good working condition by pushing the throttle forward to test acceleration, and by pulling back to test braking.

    Operating Tips

    • Kick pushing from a standstill prior to engaging motors will improve battery life.
    • Move throttle in small increments to avoid sudden moves.
    • Braking function will continue to work after battery is drained.
    • If for any reason the remote is disconnected from the kit while in motion, the brakes will engage and bring you to a stop within 5-10 seconds.
    • Check and tighten all screws every 30 to 50 miles.
    • Regularly replace your bearings, pivot cups and bushings for a quiet, smooth, and responsive ride.
    • Check the kit and its components for damage before every ride.
    • Clean dust and dirt regularly, using a damp & dry cloth.
    • Avoid anything that can cause loss of control or collision, such as gravel, water, sand, cracks, speed bumps, grates or drains, traffic, obstacles, night time, or poor visibility.
    • Always ride at a speed that is safe for you and those around you.

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