FAQs / Product Information

The Revel Drive has been tested up to 264lbs, however, performance will be negatively affected for riders upwards of 210lbs.
Speed can be affected by many factors, such as rider weight, weather conditions, surface conditions, riding style and board setup. The Revel Drive has been tested to go up to 25mph in optimal conditions.
Riding on the Eco/Beginner Mode will give you the best range, while best climbing and speed can be achieved on the Race/Advanced Mode.
Yes, the board has very little resistance and as an added bonus you can still use the brakes even after the battery is dead!
No tricks! The Revel Drive is designed for cruising and carving on smooth hard pack surfaces.
Yes, the Revel Drive can climb up to 20% gradient. However, riding on hills can be very dangerous, especially if you are not familiar with riding a regular non-powered longboard on similar hills.
The board acceleration and braking are controlled through a bluetooth wireless remote control.
The Eco/Beginner Mode is recommended for busy city riding and can get up to 16mph, while the Race/Advanced Mode should be used in safer areas with limited traffic. No matter the Mode, always wear a helmet when riding your Revel Board!
Not at this time, as the battery pack is larger than the maximum allowed to qualify for passenger flights.
The Eco/Beginner Mode is the best way to get around the city and will push the range to over 10 miles, when using the throttle in a gentle manner.

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