Ignite The Stoke On The Moonshine Spark Electric Skateboard With A Kick

Moonshine Spark Revel Kit

One of the best features of the Revel Kit is the ability to install it on a variety of decks. To share some of our favorite builds, we're starting a new program called Board of the Month, where we partner with different brands to bring you some truly unique completes. These builds are rider-approved and feature high quality components.

Moonshine Spark Mini Electric Skateboard

For the month of September, we partnered with our friends at Moonshine MFG to offer one of the most compact, powerful, and versatile electric skateboards available today. The Spark is Moonshine's flagship longboard cruiser designed for all around city slashing and campus cruising on a budget.

Moonshine Mfg Spark kicktail cruiser with Revel Kit

Like all Moonshine decks, the Spark is lightweight and durable, making this one of the best compact electric skateboards

Revel Kit Remote POV

Moonshine Spark Deck Specs

  • Length: 32"
  • Width: 8.75"
  • Wheelbase: 17.75" or 18.25"
  • Shape: Single-kick cruiser
  • Construction: Vertically laminated wood core, fiberglass top/bottom, 60d urethane rail and truck mounts

What makes this custom build unique? 

One of the most attractive features of this set-up is its size. Coming in at only 32" long, this board doesn't take up a lot of space which makes it great for being discrete when you need to carry it. Its even small enough to strap to a backpack with ease.

Revel Kit on the Moonshine Spark kicktail cruiser

Its roughly 18" wheelbase gives it an exceptionally tight turning radius - perfect for weaving through on busy sidewalks streets.

The Moonshine Spark is the only longboard cruiser to feature a full urethane rail, which allows it to absorb impact, and keep the board looking great for many skate seasons to come.

Electric skateboard with kicktail POV

Another feature that makes this board unique is its gentle kicktail.

    Benefits of an Electric Skateboard with Kicktail

    Having a kicktail on your electric skateboard makes your ride much more nimble and functional for commuting. Riding from the tail makes going down curbs and over rough patches of road smoother and more controllable.

    Spark electric skateboard kit

    The kicktail allows you to pop over cracks and off curbs to take quick lines that most electric boards can't. For street skaters seeking a familiar riding style, this custom build is the way to go.

    Electric Skateboard with KickTail - Moonshine MFG Spark


    This custom build electric skateboard kit is set-up to be a daily driver for all ages and skill levels. Follow the link below to buy yours today!




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