Go Retro with the Retrospec Electric Longboard

Go Retro with the Retrospec Electric Longboard

This month, we are bringing you something unique for Revel’s November Board of the Month! Teaming up with Retrospec, this vintage style cruiser is making its way into the 21st century with our bolt-on electric skateboard kit! This classic pintail design originates from mid-century surf culture, giving you a balanced ride, crisp carves, and laidback vibe like no other.  



  • Top Speed: Up to 28mph with standard Revel 90mm wheels.
  • Battery Options: 
    • Standard Range, up to10 mi / 16 Km
    • Extended Range, up to 15 mi / 24 Km
  • Charge Time: 120-180 minutes
  • IP Rating: Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
  • Deck Size: 41" Length x 9.5" Width 
  • Deck Shape: Pintail with wheel-bite cutouts 
  • Deck Construction: 8-ply Bamboo / Maple 
  • Bushing Options: 88A (Soft), 91A (Medium), or 94A (Hard) 

What Makes This Custom Build Unique? 

Your board will be the coolest on the block with Retrospec’s creative craftsmanship, blending vibrant bamboo and maple, detailed with sleek black pinstriping, contrasting with the white pinstriping on the grip tape. 


Don’t trip! This setup is equipped with 90mm wheels guaranteed to soak up the bumps and cracks just as well as you’ll soak up the sunshine. 

Are you ready to transport yourself to the sunny beaches and breezy boardwalks of California? This custom-built electric longboard is waiting for you 

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