Riders Of Concrete, Oceans And Mountains, The Globe Arcadia Electric Longboard Is Calling

Riders Of Concrete, Oceans And Mountains, The Globe Arcadia Electric Longboard Is Calling

Adventure looks different to everyone. But no matter your summer surroundings, our Board of the Month, the Globe Arcadia electric longboard, is sure to be your sidekick through your own personal slice of paradise. 

Globe Arcadia Custom Electric Longboard

With the term originating from a region in ancient Greece, the word "arcadia" has become synonymous with any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity. It couldn't be more fitting for how riding this board turns any environment into a utopia.

rider sitting next to globe arcadia electric skateboard with revel kit at sunset cliffs

The board is inscribed with a shortened version of one of Globe's slogans, "For the riders of concrete, oceans and mountains—modern explorers of the Globe."

detail of revel logo and globe logo

The words, concrete, oceans and mountains are the theme of this board's geometric graphic that represents all three.

globe electric longboard next to door

From the top side with printed grip tape to the bottom with black woodgrain, both sides show the sun contrasting on the horizon over colorful waves or sprawling rocks, inspiring endless adventure. 


  • Top Speed: Up to 28mph with standard Revel 90mm wheels.
  • Battery Options:
    • Standard Range, up to10 mi / 16 Km
    • Extended Range, up to 15 mi / 24 Km
  • Charge Time: 120-180 minutes
  • IP Rating: Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
  • Deck Dimensions: 35.875” Length x 9" Width
  • Wheelbase: 22.25"
  • Shape: Long Cruiser With Slight Concave And Rocker
  • Construction: Bamboo And Hard Rock Maple

What Makes This Setup Unique?

This long wheelbase classic cruiser shape is stable and ready for sailing through the streets, boardwalk or secret backroads. 

globe arcadia custom electric longboard with revel kit

Subtle W concave with rocker will keep it responsive for carving and winding roads. Wheel well details are an added plus to avoid catching your wheels on a tight turn, but they also add an extra pop of color.

rider riding the globe arcadia electric longboard on the street

Speaking of pop, this deck also has a tail on it. We won't call it a full kicktail since it's flat, but it could still be plenty functional getting a bit of liftoff when engaged.

globe electric longboard standing near sunset cliffs

Paired with the Revel Kit for climbing hills, getting to and from your summer plans, cruising with the crew or traveling to new places, this electric Globe Arcadia longboard will be like heaven on wheels.

Find your adventure.


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