Soar Above The Surf With The Yocaher Tsunami Electric Longboard

Soar Above The Surf With The Yocaher Tsunami Electric Longboard

We're starting 2021 off right. January's Board of the Month boasts this limited edition Yocaher x Revel Boards custom electric skateboard that's sure to impress.

Yocaher Tsunami Kicktail Longboard

This electric longboard puts you in the lineup to catch that perfect wave! The vibrant Tsunami graphic is overlaid with detailed pinstriping and a soaring eagle through the heart of swell.

On the topside, the grip tape features a cutout that reveals the wood grain for a classic skateboard feel.

We've also added the option for HyperDrive's 90mm longboard wheels! Get ready to glide and carve at top speeds with this Revel Custom Built matter your skill level.

The Tsunami Specs:

  • Top Speed: Up to 28mph with standard Revel 90mm wheels.
  • Battery Options:
    • Standard Range, up to10 mi / 16 Km
    • Extended Range, up to 15 mi / 24 Km
  • Charge Time: 120-180 minutes
  • IP Rating: Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
  • Deck Dimensions:  40" Length x 9.5" Width
  • Wheelbase: 27"
  • Shape: Kicktail with Medium Concave
  • 7-Ply Maple with Medium Flex
  • Bushing Options: 88A (Soft), 91A (Medium), or 94A (Hard) 

What Makes This Setup Unique?

Yocaher's Kicktail Longboard offers a unique spin on a classic shape that gives the rider the best of everything! All the benefits of a pintail – free turning, tight carving, and no wheel bite – with the additional maneuverability that only a raised kicktail can offer.

Coming with standard 90mm Revel Wheels, this setup can also be paired with HyperDrive 90mm wheels in the Ice White colorway to complement the Tsunami graphic. Gnarly!

Designed to handle the biggest cracks and roughest roads, there will be smooth sailing no matter where you go! Plus, the 45mm contact patch gives you insane traction while coasting your favorite spots.


Are you ready to drop in? Link Below! 

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