Take This Bamboo Electric Longboard As A Good Omen

Take This Bamboo Electric Longboard As A Good Omen
The month of April celebrates Earth Day, where globally we demonstrate support for environmental protection. April's Board of the Month from Revel x Omen provides a green solution.

Omen Lemur Electric Longboard

Lemur Portable

Our mission at Revel is to create a sustainable future by driving innovation in urban transportation solution.

With that in mind, we consciously promote brands and products that align with our mission.

The Omen team has delivered a beautifully colored stained-glass design of a lemur to bring awareness to this endangered species and the fight against deforestation.

Lemur graphic

Topside, the deck features a crystal clear granulated glass grip tape that shows off the natural bamboo grain and Omen logo.

Lemur Topside


  • Top Speed: Up to 28mph with standard Revel 90mm wheels.
  • Battery Options:
    • Standard Range, up to10 mi / 16 Km
    • Extended Range, up to 15 mi / 24 Km
  • Charge Time: 120-180 minutes
  • IP Rating: Water & Dust Resistant (IP 54)
  • Deck Dimensions: 33" Length x 9" Width
  • Wheelbase: 19.125"
  • Shape: Mild Concave with Slight Kicktail + Wheel Wells
  • 7-ply Bamboo Hybrid Construction

What Makes This Setup Unique?

At Omen Longboards, their attention to detail is displayed throughout the design process. Unique to this deck is a recycled glass grip tape that is environmentally friendly, keeps clean, and ultimately performs.

Lemur Riding

In addition to the grip, this shape is a perfectly portable cruiser good for all riding styles and skill levels - all while allowing you to partner with us in supporting a worthy cause! 

Lemur Remote

Electric skateboards are not only an eco friendly way of getting around, but also an avenue to project awareness to make for a better tomorrow!

Ready to step up? 


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  • Justin Rinehart

    I’ve been using the Revel kit (4WD setup) exclusively since their first model came out. There is nothing more powerful or as smooth as this setup, hands down. Revel has the high-end electric skateboard market cornered. My favorite ride is their kit setup on an old snowboard. Nothing I have carves better or accelerates faster. Plus, I have conversed with the owners of this company many times over the years and they know what they are doing. They built one hell of an amazing drive. Couldn’t be happier!

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