Unique Gifts For Electric Skateboarders And Longboarders In 2021

Unique Gifts For Electric Skateboarders And Longboarders In 2021
For the skateboarders and longboarders in your life, it can simultaneously be easy and hard to know what to get for them when holidays or birthdays come around. On one hand, it's an easy guess that they'd like some new skate gear. On the other hand, they can be quite particular.

If you need a little help, we've got you covered. Here are some great gifts for those who are already electric skateboarders/longboarders, or some things to get any board sport lover or adventurer into the world of electric skateboarding.

(And yes, this list may or may not be almost identical to our own wish lists this year.)

1. Helmet

thousand helmet

Nothing says you care about someone like getting them a helmet. Safety is always more stylish than an injury, but it also doesn't hurt when head protection is getting a lot more stylish these days. 

This helmet from Thousand is one of our favorites. Plus, you can personalize your gift and add a monogram for an extra $12-$15.

Thousand Bike and Skate Helmet

2. Revel Kit With Magneto Deck

We are loving Magneto's range of board shapes and graphics recently. If the person on your list doesn't already have a deck but wants an electric setup, this might be a good place to start for the full package. It's also beginner-friendly.

Plus, with the Revel Kit, they can swap the deck anytime they want as they explore their preferences and advance through different riding styles.

For those that already have a deck or two lying around, or for the regular skater who usually pushes their board with their feet, the Revel Kit by itself is a great choice.

We've never heard of a skater that couldn't admit that electric skateboarding is a heck of a lot of fun—even if it's just for commuting to work, school or to the skatepark to save some energy in between regular skate sessions.

3. New Set Of Wheels

Changing out wheels is one of the most fun ways to experiment with how a skate setup rides—and how it looks. While many riders have their go-to preferences for daily riding, it's fun to have extras for switching it up every once in a while. 

 Here are some of our favorite wheels that are compatible with the Revel Kit:

  • Hyperdrive Wheels: Great standard polyurethane wheel that comes in white or purple
  • Cloudwheels: A wide, polyurethane all-terrain wheel with a great selection of different colors
  • Orangatang Caguama: High-quality urethane for high roll speed, grip, comfort and momentum that comes in 3 bright color combos

    4. Armored Hoodie


    This is a good one for the downhill skaters or for those who like a lot of speed. An armored shirt like this one from LAZYROLLING can help them avoid bumps, scrapes and injuries without sticking out with a lot of extra padding. 

    Bonus: We think this hoodie can easily be personalized too. We see some prime real estate for a custom look with a patch or two.


    5. ShredLights

    For night riders, these also about doing safety in style. These lights are easy to attach to trick out a deck or a Revel Kit to light up the night and be seen.

    Shred Lights Skateboard Single Pack

    6. Upgraded Bushings


    Bushings are the rubbery cups that fit around the large pin on skateboard trucks. They assist in allowing the board to turn and pivot smoothly.

    Everyone can appreciate a fresh set of bushings. Especially when they're from premium urethane. If the skater in your life is riding old bushings or likes trying different feels, get them this easy upgrade. They will notice the difference and thank you.

    Here are some options:

    7. Surf Skate Adapter

    If the skateboarder or longboarder you're shopping for has any interest at all in surfing, they're going to have fun with a set of Waterborne Surf Adapters.

    The Waterborne adapters attach to a pair of trucks and allow you to carve more and move like you would on a wave. 

    Plus, they can be used on the Revel Kit too.

    Waterborne Surf Adapters

    8. Spare Battery For Revel Kit

    One of the perks of the Revel Kit is its swappable battery. Getting someone a spare to keep in their backpack means that they can go on longer rides without having to stop and recharge. Instead, they can swap for a full battery in about as much time as it would take them to tie their shoes.

    Revel Kit Standard Range Battery Pack

    9. Electric Skateboard Extra Charger or Fast Charger

    Electric skateboarders who ride to work or school can also find this spare part handy. When they have a charger for home and for the place they commute to, they can be sure to recharge during the day and make sure they have plenty of battery to take the long way home.

    3A Fast Charger & Charging Dock

    10. Crew Socks

    Socks are a big joke around the holidays, but trust us when we say anyone who skates would actually appreciate some stylish crew socks with cool graphics or the logo of a favorite brand.

    Not only do riders wear through socks (and shoes) faster than your average person, nothing completes a look like a pair of socks. Especially when all the action of skating is within this eye-level. 

    The Best Gift Ideas For Skateboarders Can Be Simple

    People who like to skate and longboard love the simple things in life. All they want to do is ride. Along with the suggestions above, a new pair of headphones, clothes and shoes from their favorite skate brands or even picking up a handful of assorted stickers from your local skate shop are bound to make any boarder happy. 

    But for those who love the joy of the journey and customization, the Revel Kit and the freedom it brings can be one of the best gifts they've ever received.


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