The Revel Remote: Challenging The Status Quo

The Revel Remote: Challenging The Status Quo

Revel Boards started with an idea to create a completely unique and innovative product within the electric skateboard industry. With that mindset, our remote had to follow suit. 

The Industry Standard:

While there are many different types of remotes out there, the electric skateboard industry has adopted and popularized the "thumb wheel" style remotes.

Electric Skateboard thumbwheel remote

While there is nothing wrong with this remote design, the Revel Team believed there was something they got to work designing what you see today!

Our Remote:

Intuitive. Comfortable. Precise. These words were the foundation for the Revel Remote's linear throttle design. At the time, this remote design was new and controversial (something we liked) and still is few and far between today.

Revel Remote Linear Throttle

Intuitive - While riding your electric skateboard, having a remote that you can use naturally is critical. With the widespread use of thumb wheel remotes, it was clear the ergonomics and movement was accepted by the electric skateboard community, so we wanted to imitate that movement in a similar way.

Comfortable - Not only is an intuitive remote important, but making it comfortable was also a top priority. Utilizing a sleek "stick" style design, we found that this simple shape fits better in most hands.

We also found that button placement was a huge issue for thumb wheel remotes. Awkwardly placed on the side of the remote, with some models not utilizing display screens, we knew this had to be changed. Our display screen and buttons are placed front and center for easy access and readability. A quick glance at our remote will tell you want you want to know.

Revel Remote for Revel Electric Skateboard

Precise - The biggest advantage with our linear throttle remote is the smooth precision you get from accelerating and braking. We found that most riders only make minor adjustments while riding, so we took on the challenge to create a remote that allows you to fine tune your ride.

Adjusting for that perfect speed or braking just enough to zip around the corner safely? Only our remote gives you the precision you need. We also decided that cruise control would be a nice feature to add. You're welcome.

Revel Remote Venice Canals

Revel Boards continues to challenge the status quo with innovative ideas, quality customer service, and a commitment to building the most customizable electric skateboard on the market.


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