The Revel Buyers Guide

The Revel Buyers Guide

We've gotten lots of questions from aspiring skateboarders over the years, so we thought making this post might offer some help!

This post will cover longboarding basics, as well as Revel electric skateboard specific questions to give you the most confidence when choosing your setup. 

General Skate Questions

Board Length:

One of the best features of the Revel Kit is the ability to install it on a variety of decks. Navigating the different longboard shapes, sizes, and concaves to pair with the Revel electric skateboard kit has never been easier!

If you are new to skateboarding or consider yourself a beginner, we recommend going with a longer board. The reasoning behind this is because a longboard has increased flex, better stability, and will help you get comfortable with carving! We consider any deck 37 inches and above enough length to provide all of the benefits listed above.


Cruiser boards offer a different skating experience, providing an exceptionally tight turning radius and gentle kick tail- perfect for weaving through busy sidewalks. Usually, these compact skateboards are 32 inches or less in length.

Now to get technical - the Revel motorized skateboard kit works with drop-through longboarding decks and top-mount longboarding decks!

Keep in mind, these are only suggestions and finding the right board for you will take some research and experimentation!


Bushings are some of the smallest items on your longboard, but offer the greatest benefits in terms of comfort and control! When customized to match your weight and riding style, your riding is set to improve drastically.

There are a few types of bushing shapes that are commonly used, which are "standard," cone, and barrel shapes.

  • "Standard" bushings describe a set of bushings made up of one barrel and one cone bushing. This combination gives the longboard a smaller turning radius while still maintaining a good level of stability at high speeds. 
  • Barrel bushings have a symmetrical cylindrical shape (same width at top and bottom) and are the most common choice for all styles of riding.
  • Cone bushings have a "conical" shape and are normally used for cruising and carving purposes because they have the least amount of mass,  therefore providing less resistance when turning.

Durometer is the other important factor when choosing bushings, and sometimes is referred to as "hardness." Harder bushings provide more resistance (better for larger riders) and softer bushings provide less resistance (better for smaller riders). 

Revel Kits come pre-installed with a double barrel setup rated at 91A (medium) harness.

Here is a chart guide for choosing appropriate bushings according to your ride style and weight class.

Ultimate Guide to Longboard Bushings - Review Longboards

Revel Product Questions

Top Speed:

Speed can be affected by many factors, such as rider weight, weather conditions, surface conditions, riding style and board setup. With that being said, the Revel Kit has been tested to go up to 28mph in optimal conditions and even faster in a 4WD setup!

We also recommend tracking your speed and other stats with MapMyRide, a free fitness tracking app equipped with a skateboarding mode, giving you the power to break down the science behind your skate sessions! 


The Revel electric skateboard kit is compatible with most wheels featuring a ABEC 11 or Orangatang wheel core. Wheels range in diameter from 85mm all the way up to 120mm, so choosing what's right for you depends on your goals!

Smaller wheels (85mm - 95mm) will give you better battery life for those long distance rides, while bigger wheels (100mm +) will allow you to achieve higher speeds when you're in the mood to race your friends.

All of the wheel options above will go over bumps and cracks with ease, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride no matter where you take it.


The best way to determine if your deck will fit the Revel Kit is by measuring the wheelbase.
If the wheelbase is longer than 10", the the kit will fit but the battery cannot be removed. In order to be able to slide the battery in and out, the wheelbase needs to be at least 15". For 4WD setups, The wheelbase will need to be at least 25" to give you enough room for both kits, plus room to swap the Revel batteries with ease.


The Revel motorized skateboard kit comes with both ABEC-11 and Orangatang adapters, allowing you to shred what you please. All new Revel Kits come with ABEC-11 adapters that are compatible with Discovery CloudWheels right out of the box. No need to order extras!


According to the US Federal Aviation Administration and the International Air Transport Association, our 144wh Standard Range Electric Skateboard Battery is suitable for travel with prior airline approval.



For more information about Revel, head to the FAQ's page.


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  • John Zunino

    Love the Revel conversion kit! Best money I’ve spent on transportation since I swapped an LS motor into my 65 Chevy C10 truck. It’s fast, smooth, dependable, and FUN, just like my C10. Now I just have to get my friends to convert their boards, so that they can keep up!!!

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