How To Skate More This Year

How To Skate More This Year

2022 is in motion. The realities of work, school and time itself are setting back in after the holidays. You might have a list of New Year’s resolutions that you swear you’ll keep this year. But a lot of times, even these can feel like obligations.

However, we think there is at least one resolution that is always worth it: skate more. That could mean a lot of different things to you. But as long as you keep it simple, it won’t be a chore to keep and you’ll keep falling in love with skating year after year.

Here are some ideas to inspire a skate-related New Year’s resolution no matter your unique skate style or goals.

Take A Skate Break

skate break

Whether it’s for wellness, productivity or to cure writer’s block, research shows taking breaks works wonders. It also shows that movement is key.

Taking a walk is good. But we think taking a skate break is better. At the Revel office in San Diego, we are big proponents of the daily skate break. 

It’s too easy to let the day go by, meaning to take a break but forgetting to actually do it. Set a reminder or put it on your calendar, but make sure you get out and get on a board.

One of the best parts about skating is that you can do it almost anywhere if you get creative. Whether you’re riding in a parking lot, parking garage, across campus, down the street or down the driveway, you can gain the benefits of skating.

Even if only for a few minutes, skating is a tried and true remedy to slow down time and take a mental vacation no matter where you are. We bet you’ll return with more energy, creativity, a shifted perspective and a better mood at the end. 

Convert Your Daily Commute Into Your Daily Skate

electric skateboard commute

Another way to get your daily skate in is rethinking your transportation. Commuting to work or school on your skateboard can be the perfect bookends on your day. It will save you money, help cut emissions and put some joy in your day.

Of course, not everyone lives within perfect skating distance of the places they need to go. But even if you can’t manage your entire commute on your board, you could always try to park a little further or get off public transportation a few stops earlier and skate the last mile or so. 

An electric skateboard can also help you go further with less effort. You can enjoy the ride without breaking a sweat, arriving at your destination feeling and still looking fresh.

Skate Something New…Or, Skate Something Old

electric skateboard conversion kit

If you switch up your setup, you can switch up your life. It’s okay to go though skate phases. In fact, it can be necessary to keep you obsessed with all that skating has to offer.

So, skate something new this year. If you normally ride street skateboards, enjoy the simplicity of coasting and carving on a longboard or cruiser. If you’re a longboarder, try something more traditional. Maybe this is the year you master a kickflip. 

If you usually ride any of these types of boards manually, try an electric skateboard and enjoy the speed and freedom from kick pushing. You can easily DIY an electric skateboard conversion with something like the Revel Kit. Just take your deck of choice (likely one you already own), attach the kit like a pair of trucks and get riding. You can swap it out at any time with a variety of decks or wheels to keep things interesting.

And if you usually ride an eSkate, try going back to a regular board. Though we love our own custom electric skateboards at Revel, there’s nothing like going back to one of our old favorite traditional boards that originally made us fall in love with skating.

Share The Skate Stoke

skate more electric skateboards in parking lot

There’s nothing wrong with a solo skate session, but there’s a lot to be said for having someone (or a crew) to ride with. With a skate partner you can double the fun, keep each other accountable and cheer each other on. 


Don’t already have a go-to ride or die? Maybe this is the year you teach someone else how to skate or join a meetup. 

Skate Safer

electric skateboard helmet

To help make sure you can keep riding for many more years to come, make safety a priority this year. If you can skate safer, you can skate longer.

Yes, that means wearing a helmet. They get cooler and cooler every year. But don’t stop there. Wear your protective gear and pads more often too. Especially when speed is involved. 

Another important habit you can make this year—stretch more before and after sessions.

These are small things, but can make all the difference in manifesting a year without injury.

Find Your New Skate Resolution

January first doesn’t have a monopoly on setting goals and resolutions. You can make them at any time. So, set your goals and stay stoked however you can. Because while another year may have passed, riding a board makes you feel younger and makes life simpler. No matter what lies ahead of us in 2022, skating will always be there.


  • Sandor

    Great article and perspective on the sport. I learnt how to snowboard from longboarding always had different boards then got hooked on eskate. Love my revel kits gives that ability to switch it up but also push like a regular board which is part if the enjoyment.

  • Jose Martinez

    Keep up the good work! 👍

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