Best Playlists To Listen To While Longboarding Or Electric Skateboarding

best longboarding playlists

Nothing makes you feel more like the main character in a movie than flowing down the street on your longboard or electric skateboard. Nothing that is, except riding around while you're also listening to the perfect playlist. 

From the days of boom boxes and Walkman's to skate videos and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater soundtracks, skating and music have always gone together. Though today it looks more like screens and Spotify, mixtapes are still as meaningful as ever.

Here are a few of our favorite electric skateboarding soundtracks. Find one to suit your mood and let it be the background to your next ride or skate video. 

Open Road

Inspired by surf skating style, we've put these songs together to capture the feeling of a hot desert sun and exploring the open road on the search for concrete waves.

Girl Power

This playlist was born in celebration of International Women's Day, featuring songs by female artists whose strength and badassery we love to channel while skating.

Groovy And Cruisey

Inspired by the flower power of spring, we went looking for jams that are both funky and fresh. This mix is the perfect pick-me-up that will make you want to pick up your board too.

Songs You Revel To

Got a favorite song, band or genre you love to listen to while on a board—electric or otherwise? Add them to our collaborative playlist.

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