5 Tips To Help Your Electric Longboard Last Longer

5 Tips To Help Your Electric Longboard Last Longer

There are many fun parts of owning an electric longboard built with the Revel Kit—the adventures, the personalization, and the friends you make along the way. Then there are some not-so-fun parts...electric longboard maintenance. (ugh)

Take advantage of these 5 quick tips to keep your Revel Kit running smoothly, so you can keep the adventure going. Your Revel Kit is an investment, after all!

1. Clean Your Kit

Clean dust and dirt regularly, starting with a damp cloth, then finishing with a dry cloth. Thoroughly wipe down the kit, motors, battery, and deck. 

We also recommend demounting the kit from your deck and wiping down the top of the kit and the area where your kit sits. Dust and dirt can easily build up here, and this spot can easily be overlooked.

2. Tighten Screws

Check and tighten all hardware and screws every 30 to 50 miles / 50 to 80 km (or after every off-road ride). Loose nuts, bolts, and screws can quickly lead to accelerated wear and cause a majority of funky noises that your kit may be making.

When tightening screws and bolts, we recommend hand tightening, as opposed to using a power tool.

Here is a checklist to make it easy:

  • Mounting Screws - make sure your kit and front truck are secured to your deck.
  • Adapter Screws - remove wheels to access these screws. 
  • Kingpin Nut - ensure that it is tightened to your desired level of turning (tighter = harder to turn, looser = easier to turn).
  • Axle Nuts - tighten these to a point where the wheel is secure on the axle.

3. Regularly Inspect Your Kit

Complete this pre-ride inspection to keep yourself safe and ensure that you have the best ride possible.

  • Check the kit and its components for damage before every ride.
  • Make sure trucks pivot correctly and kingpin nuts are tightened.
  • Check for wear on wheels, bearings, and bushings.
  • Turn on the remote and kit and make sure both are in good working condition by pushing the throttle forward to test acceleration, and by pulling back to test braking.

4. Replace Parts When Needed

Regularly replace your bearings, pivot cups and bushings for a quiet, smooth, and responsive ride! We encourage our Revel Riders to experiment, customize, and upgrade these components to create a ride that is unique to their riding style.

When inspecting your kit, if you discover a broken piece, contact our customer service team through live chat, or through our Contact Us Page.

5. Avoid Water

While our kit is rated at IP54 (water & dust resistant), we recommend avoiding riding in wet conditions at all times.

If you do end up facing some wet roads and are in need of riding, a very creative Revel Rider figured a swimming cap helps with keeping water out of the kit.


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