4 Reasons Why an Electric Skateboard Should Be Your Next Electric Vehicle

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It's no secret that electric vehicles (EV's) have proved themselves to be more than just a trend. With businesses, governments, and environmental agencies rallying for the success of electric vehicles, the future of transportation can be unlocked with e-mobility.

A large part of this growing industry is the use of electric vehicles in urban environments, hence the popularization of car alternatives. Electric skateboards, along with other types of vehicles, are leading this revolution. 

Here are our top 4 reasons why an electric skateboard should be your first (or next) electric vehicle:

1. Better Commuting

ev electric skateboard

According to a report from Texas A&M, the average American wastes an extra 50 hours of their life stuck in traffic. Skip rush hour with an electric skateboard and don't waste another second in traffic.

Public Transportation is also a popular way of commuting, however, most don't realize how slow buses and rail transit can be! According to this article, the average speed of rail transit is 21.5/mph and the average speed of bus transit is 14.1/mph. 

With the Revel Kit, a top speed of 28/mph easily outpaces public transportation.

"What about range?" Great question. The Revel Kit also features a swappable battery system that allows you to continue your ride stress-free (and avoid the charging stations).

 2. Less Cost

Revel Kit Maintenance

Did you know buying an electric skateboard can actually save you money?

The US Energy Information Administration estimates the average household will spend around $2,000 annually on gasoline.

Another big hassle with cars are the insurance and maintenance cost. AAA estimates the average cost of owning a car is about $6,354 annually.

In addition to gasoline and maintenance costs, the average amount spent on ride share services per month is around $100.

Investing in an electric skateboard can help you cut costs, save time at the pump, and keep your wallet full.

3. Less Emissions

 environmentally friendly electric skateboard

One thing that makes electric skateboards even cooler is that they reduce your carbon footprint and are environmentally friendly. As our cities suffer from smog and poor air quality, sustainable alternatives to travel are a necessary change. 

The US Department of Energy has found that the average gasoline powered vehicle emits around 11,000 pounds of C02 equivalent per year.

At Revel, we are committed to this change by providing a viable option to decongesting roads and reducing pollution with high-performance electric vehicles.

4. More Fun

Revel Venice Fun

In addition to all the reasons above, riding an electric skateboard is fun! Racing your friends, flying up and down hills, filming your adventures, and personalizing your setup are all part of the unique e-skate experience.

Skateboarding and longboarding alike have many health benefits, like building muscle, improving balance, and relieving stress. This study even found a correlation between active commuting (like electric skateboarding) and improved physical and mental wellbeing!


Ready to enjoy the ride for a change?


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